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Stephan Jukic – November 6, 2017

Black Friday month may be here now that it’s November but the discount sale orgy that is the very day itself is still weeks away. This however hasn’t stopped a number of retailers from getting a very early start on offering up what are pretty damn excellent electronics for some very decent reduced prices. Offerings already being unveiled include deals from Dell, Costco, Samsung and of course, Amazon, the king of online retail.

As for the products themselves, all kinds of useful goodies are being given slight to usefully moderate discounts, including 4K HDR TVs of the most premium sort and a pile of other home tech alongside them. Early Black Friday sales can thus now be found from the above and here’s a brief rundown of the ones we think are best for those of you who might just be looking for a seriously high quality new 4K TV at a price that’s finally a bit more reasonable.

Starting things off we have Amazon and Samsung both and their respective sale offerings on Samsung’s ultra-premium 2017 QLED 4K HDR TV lineup. The discounts being shown for these particular  televisions are downright remarkable in some cases, with Samsung’s website selling off certain QLED models for reductions of as much as a whopping 45%.

Black Friday Discounts On Premium 4K HDR TVs & Other Tech Are Already Here

Thus, from the Samsung website itself, the company’s top-shelf Q9F, Q8 and Q7F QLED TV models in several sizes are on sale for thousands of dollars off their regular retail prices from just a few weeks ago. The Q9F 65 inch model, which we reviewed here, is selling for $3,299.99 after an early Black Friday discount of $2,700. Then there’s Samsung’s Q7F QLED edition, which we also reviewed here, now going for $1,597.99 for the 55 inch model. This is a $1200 reduction from its price at the time of our initial review of the TV. Likewise for the Samsung Q8C, which previously, recently sold for $3500 and is now being sold off for just $2,199.99. All of these are some of the best 4K HDR LCD TVs in existence today and these new prices for them are downright excellent in comparison to what these QLEDs sold for  just a couple of months ago. Then again, you could also wait for Black Friday itself to see if a few hundred more dollars get chipped off their prices, though we’re not expecting huge changes with discounts like the above.


Moving on to Amazon’s 4K HDR TV deals, the company is pulling off its usual and very consumer-friendly trick of matching competitor retail prices on anything it too sells, so many of the Samsung TVs mentioned above are now selling for similar prices from Amazon itself. To name one example, the Q7F QLED HDR TV model is now available on Amazon for the same $1,599.99. Thus if you’re more comfortable buying as much as possible from Amazon, this is a great early, pre-holiday chance for truly premium 4K TV technology at much more reasonable prices.

Amazon’s early Black Friday Month deals aren’t just confined to Samsung 4K UHD TVs. One fantastic alternative option is a very decent price reduction on one of LG’s nearly legendary OLED 4K HDR TV models, in this case the LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model), which offers some of the best 4K TV picture quality we’ve ever seen so far from our review of this television. Amazon is offering it for $400 off at a moderate discount price of $2,796.99. You might see even better on Black Friday itself for this particular top-shelf OLED TV but if the above price looks good, then you can’t go wrong with this truly fantastic HDR television.

Another even more affordable offering on the latest in LG OLED 4K HDR technology is Amazon’s awesome price for one of LG’s OLED B7 55 inch televisions, which is going for $700 off its normal price for an incredibly cheap (by OLED 4K HDR TV standards) price of just $1,597. This is basically the cheapest price we’ve ever seen so far for any new, warrantied 4K HDR OLED television.


In terms of everything else, Amazon has also already opened up its Black Friday Deals store as of this past Wednesday and it features a daily listing of the latest and best discounts for a broad range of assorted other consumer electronics, from cameras to smart home bundles to headphones and sound systems and all kinds of products in between.

Some specific other deals for 4K electronics that beef up the power of your new UHD TV home entertainment system include a B&H Photo Video website offer on a Roku 4 streaming 4K HDR media player with the excellent Roku TV smart platform for a $40 discount amounting to a sale price of just $79.99. Even Amazon hasn’t yet matched this price since it’s still selling the same 4K set-top box for about $99.

Keep checking in because we’ll be posting more Black Friday month pre-day deals as they come in and in the hours leading up to Black Friday itself, we’ll be putting up the absolute, most genuinely  valuable 4K and other electronics (but especially 4K TV) deals we manage to curate.

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