GIF of Apple’s iPhone X transforming into smart glasses


In case you haven’t noticed, Apple is slowly but surely pushing
augmented reality into the mainstream.

But if you’re wondering how Apple can make the jump from
something like the new iPhone X to a pair of smart glasses, this
GIF nails how that evolution could take place:

This GIF was a concept
made by Leo Costa, which he uploaded to the 3D-sketching “uMake”
app for iPad. As you can tell from the GIF, Costa uses the same
TrueDepth camera system from the iPhone X — with its front-facing
camera and sensors to capture 3D information — to serve as the
foundation for Apple’s augmented-reality (AR) smart glasses.

Augmented reality, for those unfamiliar, lets you see virtual
images in the real world. As
Paul Canetti put it so well
recently, AR is like
“photoshopping the whole world.” So if you look at the GIF,
putting the TrueDepth camera system on the front of a pair of
smart glasses would make a great deal of sense, since a pair of
AR glasses would need to be able to capture depth information on
an ongoing basis to work properly.

For over a year now,
we’ve been hearing that Apple is working on a pair of AR smart
. Apple laid the foundation in June with the
announcement of ARKit, which effectively baked augmented reality
into iOS. A few months later, it announced the iPhone 8 and
iPhone X, the first iPhones with the A11 Bionic chip that’s
capable of producing more detailed AR experiences. Apple even
showcased several AR demos at its September event.

Apple isn’t the only tech company invested in AR. Snapchat uses
AR for its popular “Lens” feature, which adds special effects to
your selfies. Microsoft also makes an AR headset, the HoloLens,
which is currently available to developers. And Magic Leap, based
in Florida, recently raised $502 million in October to bring its

rumored AR glasses
to life. 

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