Mega Evolution is Evil in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon really doesn’t want you to Mega Evolve your Pokemon.

Last year, players discovered that Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s PokeDex had some pretty creepy entries related to Mega Evolution, a relatively new mechanic to the Pokemon franchise. Certain Pokemon can temporarily mega evolve when triggered by their trainer, giving them boosted stats and occasionally changing their stats.

While Mega Evolution was the focus of Pokemon X and Y, first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, but Sun and Moon went out of its way to make clear that the process was a little more traumatizing than previous games let on.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon added 100 new Pokemon to the game, many of which have Mega Evolutions. That means that there’s even more evidence that Mega Evolution is actually a terrible and awful thing.

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There’s over a dozen terrifying Pokedex entries detailing just how cruel Mega Evolution is to Pokemon. For instance, Mega Tyranitar’s entry reads that “due to the colossal power poured into it, this Pokémon’s back split right open. Its destructive instincts are the only thing keeping it moving.” 

Tyranitar isn’t the only Pokemon that suffers when it’s Mega Evolves. Mega Sharpedo’s Pokedex entry mentions that it feels pain in all its old wounds when it Mega Evolve, while Mega Aerodactyl’s Pokedex entry notes that its always uncomfortable in its bulked up form.

Mega Scizor’s entry is even worse. “It stores the excess energy from Mega Evolution, so after a long time passes, its body starts to melt.” Basically, if you Mega Evolve your Scizor, you’ve basically doomed it to a painful death by melting. 

While some Pokemon feel physical pain, other Pokemon simply become more cruel and vindictive when it evolves. Mega Metagross becomes insanely smart when it Mega Evolves, resulting in terribly efficient battles. Lucario loses its ability to hold back when it Mega Evolves, resulting merciless strikes. And Gengar becomes a serial killer when it Mega Evolves, trying to kill anything or anyone…even its own trainer.

Not even Mega Kangaskhan, whose Mega Evolution simply causes its infant child to hop out of its pouch, is immune from Mega Evolution’s cruel effects. “The explosive energy the child is bathed in causes temporary growth. The mother is beside herself with worry about it.” So, you’re committing both animal cruelty AND child abuse when Mega Evolving Kangaskhan. 

Some Pokemon simply dislike Mega Evolution immensely. For instance, Mega Absol’s entry reads “Normally, it dislikes fighting, so it really hates changing to this form for battles.”

Pokemon might just be a game, but its hard to not feel for these poor creatures after reading these entries. What seemed like a fun and harmless game mechanic now looks to be a new form of cruelty in a franchise that’s already centered on animal fighting. Personally, we can’t wait to find out that using Z-Moves actually condemns a Pokemon’s soul to eternal suffering in the next Pokemon games! 

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