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Privacy is a feature: Apple sells more of it


Privacy is a feature: Apple sells more of it | Macworld



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Read critiques of Siri or iCloud of the iPhone and you’ll see a lot of horse-race comparisons to competing products. Google Now is so much better than Siri! Google gets cloud services! Apple doesn’t! iPhones cost too much!

What you mostly won’t see is any reference to one feature where Apple blows the competition away: privacy.

People like to scoff at such trivial concerns — it is 2017 after all. Wake up and smell the dystopia, Apple nerds. The differences between Apple and the competition are usually hard to see.

Not this week, though!

“Google is nerfing all Home Minis because mine spied on everything I said 24/7.”

Yeah, so some of the review units of their new Home Minis Google sent out were recording everything and sending it to Google because of a hardware defect. Oopsies! OK, this was a mistake and Google reacted quickly to fix it.

But you know what’s not a mistake? This:

“Telemetry: OxygenOS secretly collects user data, sending OnePlus a wealth of information.”

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