Stay off target: Attacking Apple’s privacy record


Apple has released a new thing and thus we must wring our hands about issues related to the new thing that are actually only bad on other companies’ platforms and not Apple’s. Look, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s thing we have to do.

No, no one knows why.

Look, this will go faster if we just get to the piece, OK?

Writing for The Independent, Hamish McRae says “Consumers seem happy for Apple’s iPhone X to know more about us than our own Government does, but it won’t last.” (The Macalope seems to have misplaced the name of who sent the link to this one but a tip o’ the antlers to you, whoever you are.)

Why does society cut Apple so much slack?

That question is pretty funny to a mythical beast who makes a living covering absurd table-flipping over Apple’s every move. But, yes, Apple is successful if that’s the complaint.

Now think about your iPhone. It knows who you are. It knows where you are. It knows how many steps you have taken that day, or any day. It knows who you have spoken with and the sites you have visited. It may know how much you paid for your lunch.

Yes, our iPhones know these things. That doesn’t mean that Apple does.

True, any smartphone with the right apps knows all this and more.

Yes! Other smartphones, apps and devices know more about you and many of them tell their creators about it. But let’s flail our arms like an air dancer at a used car lot because Apple just released a new phone.

But the iPhone X knows something else: It knows with great precision exactly what you look like, for that is how you can unlock it.

And Apple most definitely does not have that information. If you knew even the first thing about how Face ID works you would know that. You would also not have written an article purporting to discuss the privacy issues around Face ID in which the words “secure enclave” do not appear.

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